1.It is manufactured from extrude polystyrene with 38 – 40 kg/m3 density (XPS). The Xsp deformation is started from 85 degrees. Therefore, the product does not work under natural conditions; its life is same with the building. The insulation panels are XPS (with honeycomb cell) and it is more durable against external factors in comparison with the other EPS (with circle cell) insulation panels.

2.The surfaces of the products are covered by façade jacketing plaster for the purpose of hardening the surface of the products and protecting the XPS from UV rays.

With its features listed below, this plaster is quite different from the cement based jacketing plasters:
* Since it has a high adherent capability, it is safely used as a plaster adherent as well
* No shrinkage cracks occur (cracks occurred due to the vaporization in cement)
* It is extremely durable against external climate conditions.
* It is flexible.
* In spite of all these features, our prices are more economical in comparison with the other products in its category.

3.It is used as a plaster adherent as well, on which laminated product is applied. By this means, the productcan also be kept with the same strength by the adherence surface.

4.Furthermore, there is no need to use wall plug for montages up to 3 floors height; if it is requested, wall plug can be used for the purpose of supporting.

5.It is applied by cutting in situ.

6.The product meets the B1 fire norms and it is a flame retardant.

7.It is not affected by water and moisture.

8.It is also supported with Home Siding plaster mesh.

9.Since the Home Siding is mounted by adhering with grooved tongue connection (lapped scarf system), as opposed to the other jacketing systems, it protects the jacketing system, by ensuring the local absorption of the problem through its shock absorber function on bracing of each plate to the building separately and on the tongue and groove joints that can be occurred due to the seismic movements and building subsidence.

10.The polipier façade products can be painted with any desired color by silicon or acrylic based façade paints.

11.Since its application is from a single element, its application is easy and quick.

12.It will put negligible and less stress on the building. At the same time, since less wall pugs are applied, it does not damage your building.With its special jambs, POLİPİER façade plates (Home Siding) provides heat insulation to your building and beside provides it with a decorative waterside residence image and individuality.

Our company has manufactured Insulation and Decoration products since 2001 under its registered brand POLİPİER. Some of our product groups are gypsum free ready carton pier, bordures, ceiling tiles and cores, columns, headers, stones, jambs, splashboards, floor moldings, lab siding (home siding), decorative jacketing materials etc… Besides, we can also make the design and manufacturing of your imagined product.

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