Our Mission

In the light of universal value, the trademark develops, manufactures and sells products meeting international standards, which facilitate the human life and provide visuality in both the domestic and foreign markets.

It contributes to the construction sector within the frame of the ethical values by growing continuously and sobersidedly with the importance it attaches to development of new products and marketing and with its experience that is the consequence of being a rooted and leading corporation.

While we satisfies the expectations of the construction sector, gaining the customers’ satisfaction is our most important target. While we realize them, we show respect to the environment and society and prioritize the self improvement, perfectness and happiness of our employees.

Our company undertakes to provide our manufacturing in the field of insulation and decoration to the use of society for the future of the construction sector.

Our Vision;

is to enable to be upgraded in the construction sector both in the national and international fields, with its service quality and manufactured products; and to be a world brand amongst the lead firms in this sector, through the big steps taken in the field of export.

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