1.The products are in B1 fire classification. (B1 fire class is a flame retardant according to the World fire norms.)

2.The measurements of the product are rounded up to +/- 5 mm.

3.It is manufactured from extrude polystyrene with high density.

4.It is not affected by humidity and moisture.

5.Since it does not contain Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC, HCFC ), it is not harmful for human health

6.Since it is light, it does not have a falling risk, which is not detrimental in situations such as seismic movements,
   building subsidence etc.

7.Since it is flexible, it provides optimum assembly to the bad ceiling and wall junctions.

8.The indoor products should be painted by water based, solvent free and benzol free paints.

9.The façade products should be painted by acrylic based façade paints.
10.Since the products are packed and in boxes, their transportation and storage is easier.

11.The models designed by us for the indoor and façade are manufactured in a short time of period after they are designed by the technical persons.

12.The extrude polystyrene used in manufacturing meets the quality standard ofTS 11989 EN 13164.

13.Our raw material is 100% recycled and environment friendly.

14.The application is extremely clean and there is no need to destroy around and your furniture does not become dirty.

15.It is easy to apply, you can yourself furnish the carton-pier of your own house.

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