We, as POLİPİER Human Resources, aim to develop suggestions for a more institutional structure and a more effective work environment, to turn such suggestions into projects and conclude them with all those concerned and to provide support for their implementation. All HR-related projects being executed at different points of TEKCAN are collected under a single roof, and produced and executed by the said unit.

Our vision as the Human Resources is to have happy employees who have realized achievements in their field and who act in team spirit. Our mission supporting the vision is to create all HR-related strategies of Tekcan and try to implement them with the same effectiveness.

Taking account of Tekcan’s requirements and priorities, we are trying to build a wide range of systems from employee recruitment to wage management, from motivation to performance evaluations and career management.

The profile of the employees with whom we would like to work together is a follows: amenable to the corporate culture, productive, working fast, capable of keeping step with team work, following the developments in the sector and the world, having strong social relations, having high self-confidence, and above all, knows at least one foreign language.

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